The Curse

I swear, I must be cursed or something. I’ve lost count. Really. I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened. EVERY SINGLE TIME I decide to do something, decide to blog regularly, decide to update stuff, something or another happens. Just as I post about something I hope to keep doing, sooner rather than later, something comes up and BAM.

I actually went back and read my post which had the things I would like to keep doing. In fact, I even cheekily named it my “New Year Blogolution”. I said that I would blog every day of this wonderful year 2015. I said I would do it, even with so many things I had to do. And I actually believed it wouldn’t be too hard.

That’s when I got chosen to compere for the school Annual Day. BAM. They informed us (there were 5 anchors) a week before the date. And we were supposed to prepare everything. In one week. I couldn’t do anything but agree. So what happened was, the f*cking principal decided, hey, we need time to practice right? Let these children spend the whole school day doing that, while they miss their classes.

Now, that wouldn’t have been a real problem, if the teachers were doing stuff normally. But no. They had to rush with the chapters because we still had more than half to cover! So my physics teacher was going mad. Taking the periods of other teachers, completing 2 or 3 chapters per day. AND – I had to miss all those.

I was screwed. Everyday, I came back home, asked friends about the stuff, and got up to date with everything. Only to repeat the same thing the next day.

Finally the Annual Day came. It went good. That was over. Now the thing was, I hadn’t understood anything that had been taken during that time. One, because everything was taken so fast and it was complex. Two, because I wasn’t even in the class so I couldn’t clear up any doubts!

Ahh well, everything was done. I managed somehow, and now the exams are over. It is vacation now. But only for two more days. Yup. 12th starts on the 23rd. The teachers need all the time they can get, because 12th is, like, da shiznit here. It’s very important and stuff, so yeah.

We’ll have class from 23rd February to sometime in April. Then we have a month free, and it starts again somewhere in May.

I’m not saying anything about the fate of the blog. I’ve had it. I’m not letting the Curse do what it pleases.

So yeah, I guess that’s it. First post in a while. Oh, by the way, am I missing something here? Did something happen while I was gone? ‘Cos whenever I reach the bottommost line in this text box, and start the next line, it doesn’t scroll automatically. So basically the box stays the same and whatever I type lies below it, unseen.

If I’m missing anything, please tell me what it is. If not, and it is the fault of the WP guys, please fix it, it is really really irritating!

Some New Lives Gained

A few days ago, me and my friend went cycling as usual. Well, due to the Christmas holidays, I wasn’t able to go for some days before that. Anyway, we were headed to a place called Malampuzha. It’s one of the tourist attraction centres in Palakkad. There’s a dam, gardens, and stuff like that. We were planning to go to the dam and come back.

We started on our journey, and took a right onto the nice boulevard-ish road we have here (which I’ve mentioned before). We went about 2-3 kms on it. We were going on, pedaling, pedaling, when suddenly – we saw 3 tiny pups wandering on the road! My first thought was Aw, how cute! But then I thought of another thing. What if they get crushed by vehicles on the road? This has become a common thing here, since about six months ago. You can see a variety of animals’ carcasses lying on the road, smashed to bits. Most of them belong to dogs, though.

The dogs were on my right and there was a small dirt path to the right of that, so I parked my bike on the dirt road and got off. Immediately, the cuties came running toward me, looking for food (though I didn’t know that at the time). I petted all three.

Meanwhile, my friend had gone on ahead, unaware that I had taken a detour. He had been cycling ahead of me at that time. Finally, he got the sense to look back, and saw that I had stopped. He took a U-turn and came to the spot.

We each took turns awwing at the pups and petting them. We also managed to get some photos on our phones.

The three.

The three.

This is Scotty. The one with wrinkles. It's a timid pup. (Yes, we named them)

This is Scotty. The one with wrinkles. It’s a timid pup. (Yes, we named them)


We spent a lot of time with them, observing them, and wondering how we could take them. If we left them like that, they would surely have died, because my friend had already seen a smashed carcass of a dog some ways down the road. So we pondered over the question for a long time – all the while playing with them of course. There was some factory nearby so we asked them for a sack. They said that the sack guy would come soon, so we waited. He never came, though. Then we played with them a lot, sitting in a sort of open shed that was there near the road. After a while, some people started coming – workers of some sort. They had apparently left their work clothes (worn out shirt and stuff) in the shed and were coming to take them.

First one guy came and the puppies starting purring at him. Evidently the puppies knew the guy. We asked him for a sack, and he went in the same factory and a few minutes later, came out with a blue sack. We thanked him and started thinking of our net tactic. We couldn’t just force the puppies into the sack, we had to persuade them to get in voluntarily. We thought that the water we gave them would have made them realise we were their friends. Anyway, they didn’t get it.

Another guy came to the shed and the puppies knew him too. We told him we were going to take them away, and he said Sure. He then proceeded to take the puppies one by one and drop them in the sack gently. So in the end we had to force the puppies after all.

Then on the long journey back we decided one person would hold the sack and the other two would walk the bikes. That didn’t work out well because we couldn’t walk both bikes at a time. I just decided to carry the sack almost piggyback-like and ride my bike myself. That wasn’t too hard and we were covering a lot more ground faster.

Now, my friend had told me that we could take them to his house and bathe them, etc etc. So we headed over there, but on reaching there, we were disappointed. His parents and grandparents were absolutely refusing to let us keep the puppies there. We had no choice but to head back.

Then I thought about my streets. There were a lot of stray dogs and many people used to feed them and take care (although not the best they could). So we thought about going there and dropping the puppies off. However, on reaching there, one person ordered us not to leave them there as they were fed up of the ones already there. Plus, there’s an evil macaque thing that kills puppies. So we went to a place where the monkey wouldn’t come and dropped them there. That’s when a passerby on a cycle got angry and told us to get out. Apparently “everyone” dropped off puppies there and the residents were unhappy.

We had no choice but to leave them near the highway. We took some final pics and said our goodbyes.

Naughty (alone), Dotty and Scotty. And me.

Naughty (alone), Dotty and Scotty. And me.


We were going back home through the highway when we saw another group of abandoned puppies.


Yeah, it’s very polluted. Anyway, guess what breed they were!

WP_20141228_014 WP_20141228_015 WP_20141228_016WP_20141228_017

Rottweilers!!! Yeah, I think they’re some sort of a cross, but still! 4 abandoned Rotts! They all ran to us when we got off our bikes. And of course, started growling. But that all became alright in a matter of seconds. We played with them for some time and took some photos. Then we decided to bring the first three here and make the group more comfy and nice. I carried two first, and then the third I took while cycling.





We left all seven together there and went to buy some bread. We came back after the purchase and started distributing the slices. We ate some ourselves, of course.

My little minions!

My little minions!

We also gave all of them some water from our bottles. Quite conveniently, there were some leftover bowl-like things made of some plastic, into which we poured the water. They all drank heartily and after some more time two guys came on a motorbike. The passenger got off and spoke to us. Somebody had tipped him off that there was a male pup among the seven. We had checked them all before, and by some mental error, we thought all of them were females. That’s what we told him too, but he said no and started calling out. Dotty, the one with patches of brown fur, came out first – and lo and behold – it was a male. They took him away without even a word. That sort of made us sad, but after a while we both left. I had a lot of work to do for school like writing records.

In the evening, at about 5, we decided to go check on them. We reached the place and I whistled some horrible tune. They came out, though, all five of them, and we played a bit. Wait a second! Five of them?! There were supposed to be six even excluding Dotty! When we scanned the surroundings, we saw something bad. There on the highway, was a carcass shining in magenta. We both knew by then what it was, but went to check it anyway.

All that remained of Naughty

All that remained of Naughty

Sorry for the gore. Naughty, my favourite from the first group, was now this. And the heartless motherfucking people driving the vehicles were running over and over Naughty’s poor body, leaving its bones and stuff flying around. I took this all in, cursing myself! Naughty was always very naughty and dare-devilish. And now, curiosity had killed the dog.

There wasn’t much to do so we left. School would reopen the next day. I wanted to visit the pups the next morning too, but my friend wasn’t available. So I decided to check on them after school. This time, another friend of mine came with me straight from school. We went to the shop and bought a packet of milk and a packet of fruit bread. We went there and as usual, I whistled to gather all of them together. Only the Rotts came. Poor Scotty, it must have been so lonely – it lost its siblings – that it got depressed and that must be why it is not coming out. That’s what I wanted to believe, but deep down I knew. Scotty didn’t die – because there were no carcasses anywhere – but he either got lost because of the dratted curiosity of that breed or someone came and took it like how they took Dotty.

Sadness. Crashing down one after the other. Still, no point weeping. We proceeded to take a few of those bowls and poured milk in them and placed the pups near the milk. They drank it all. Then we distributed the fruit bread. They were a bit reluctant so we threw the rest of the slices (after we ate some) here and there so that they could eat them when they were in need of food.

We played a bit and left. This morning, me and my other friend went cycling as usual. First we checked on the pups. Luckily, all four were still there. I knew Rottweilers were smarter than that. Anyway, I had taken my DSLR expecting a sunrise, but instead I got some awesome shots of the puppies, which I’ll post later.

That’s when we noticed the sheer mass of fleas on each pup. There must be like 500 on each of them. They were drowsy in the morning so they lay down to sleep. All the fleas rose from the depths of the fur and rested on the tips. SO MANY. We decided we HAD to bathe them. But how?

Anyway, we cycled and visited them again. Then we went back home. I had a morning class today. Later, this evening, me and my other friend (the one who gave the pups milk with me) bought another packet of milk and a packet of PuffCorn. We went to check on them, and again, fortunately, they were all still there. When we gave them milk this time, we poured it in four different bowls, so that they wouldn’t fight. They drank as if the milk was their salvation. Glup glup glup. We refilled every bowl almost thrice and a couple of the Rotts had milk all over their snout. It was pure joy to watch them drink. Then we opened the packet of chips and started eating We also gave some to the pups. After a while of fun, we left.

To conclude, as of now, we have decided that we will take leave on New Year (this dratted school doesn’t give us a holiday) and spend that day solely for the sake of the poor little pups. For that, we first need to buy Dog Bathing Soap thingy.

That’s the end of this post for now. Please forgive me if my writing has gone terrible, this has been a long post and it is so many emotions (I LOVE DOGS). I will give regular updates of the state of the Rottweiler puppies. So far, only one (Black) has gained adult Rott characteristics. It is the only one with pointed ears and the 60 degree hind legs.

Stopping for now. Phew – 1913 words and counting! This is definitely the longest post I’ve written.

I just hope that the four will remember our kindness and will not turn on us when they grow up.

New Year Blogolution

This post at The Daily Post got me thinking. There always has been this voice in my head that says write a blog post every day. I’ve been ignoring it all this time, but this post pushed me. It made me realise that it’s okay even if I fail. But I mustn’t not try it just because I’m afraid I’ll fail. I should just make up my mind to do so, and see what happens.

I think that this will keep me active and not bored. Of course, I might run out of stuff to write some times, so forgive me when I post silly stuff. I feel that blogging regularly will do something good for me. As of now, I can’t find any harmful things that might happen because of my new resolution, so long as I learn to blog in an organised way. I should learn to utilise time properly. I should leave ample time for other things – especially since I have my annual exams in one month. We have to study two texts for Physics and Chemistry each. The other subjects too provide more than enough material to study.

So as I said, I need to leave enough time for studies. Another thing is that next year I’ll be (hopefully) in 12th, which will be at least 5 times more tedious than this year. So one again, I need to make use of time properly.

I also need to store away some time for other activities like cycling and taking care of the puppies (I haven’t posted about it yet. Maybe that will be my post for tomorrow. Stay tuned – it’s very interesting!). I will also require a lot of time for reading and the occasional TV-show-watching. In addition to all this, we’ll be shifting to our new house hopefully in April, so that will be a real hectic time.

Well, these are the things that kept me from taking on this project all this time. However, now I feel that I should challenge myself. Test my limits. After all, failing to do this won’t do any harm. Whereas, succeeding will be a boost in my confidence and it will be a whole new experience.

So what I have to say is, I hope to post every day the next year. I might have to resort to scheduling some posts, though. Maybe sometimes when I’m out of station. Or maybe during exams. Anyway, as I said, I’ll try to complete this project. I’ll really appreciate any comment – whether they’re about my blog or my post, or anything really – and I hope you all enjoy!

NOTE: This project is only for the blog My World. It doesn’t apply to my photo blog – C9 Photography.

Oh, and a big thank you to Cheri Lucas Rowlands, who wrote the inspiring post, and of course, the WordPress team. I do have a suggestion, though, which I hope you take to heart with a good attitude. Please provide some interesting and fun Daily Prompts, unlike the recent ones. I have to say, the past 20 or so Prompts have been atrocious. I really disliked them. I hope you provide some good sparks for us so that we can get writing.

On Hindsight…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hindsight.”

Today’s prompt asks us to rewrite our very first post using the tips and experiences we have gained so far.

To begin with, this was my very first post (the link is on “this”). I read it just now and I’m laughing at myself. Ah, what an idiot I used to be! Anyway, here goes. 

Hello everyone out there! This is Karthik Thrikkadeeri, a student of Grade 11, living in Palakkad. I tend to be very weird at times, and I often get sudden jolts of frenzy that makes me create crazy names (which I think are awesome at that time) and use them for important stuff. Often – irreversible stuff like the url of this very blog.

I first started to get into this stuff called blogging when my sister started blogging. That was in 2010, I guess. I told her that I also wanted to do this thing. Her reply – “Sure, what do you want your title to be?” – got me by surprise. I didn’t know that. She adviced me to just write what I felt.

Then after a long time, I saw my cousin brother blogging and this wish inside kept growing stronger. I finally got around to creating an account on Blogger, but I soon forgot the password. Some time passed. I ultimately created another account and created the blog which used to be known as Manuscription of Guile Acquisition (LOL).

I love reading. I love football. Chelsea FC is my bae, as shown by the badge. I love cycling. My bike is a stunning white-and-blue Cosmic Eldorado 1.0M. I love Naruto. This will go on. Or will it? Nothing more comes to mind right now. So that’s that.

This blog is my personal space on the WWW where I do whatever I want. Mostly writing and related stuff, though. I welcome you to My World and hope you have a genuinely good time! Don’t forget that comments are always welcome!

Yeah, so that’s my rewrite. I’d like to add what I felt when I read my first post. I think I was more satirical – or rather teasing – then. I didn’t know what to write in a sentence or a paragraph. I would go on a path different from the main one and then that would remove the focus from the main point. 

Anyway, that’s what I feel! Please feel free to tell me what you think – both of my first post and this one. 

Back To Before

So it’s been a while. As soon as exams finished, I started doing other things. I almost forgot about this blog. Had some fun. Then it was Christmas. Went to my cousins’ and had fun. Spent some days. Now back with only 2 days left till reopening. Sigh. The only big thing that happened during this vacation was the destruction of my cycling trip.

We had planned to go to a particular place but then we saw some beautiful off road areas on the way. So we stopped and started cycling up and down a farm. We were cycling on roads of course, not on the farm. Mud roads with lots of rocks and stuff. So anyway we had a lot of fun. We climbed even higher and we saw some good views. We then came back and rested, when we saw a small hill on the opposite side. We decided to climb that too.

Going up was difficult so we walked the bikes. The floor was fully covered by some hay-like thing. So it was very difficult to move. Anyway, we reached the almost-highest point. Stopped. Took in the view. Then started the descent. It was awesome. I almost fell over once, as I didn’t see a sharp drop (though a short one). I corrected my route and zoomed down. That’s when I saw my friend stopped ahead. I braked as much as I could. There was a cluster of bamboo and other trees ahead. It looked like I would crash head on. By some luck, I survived. I ended up about two feet from the trees. There was a sharp drop there too; that’s why my friend had stopped. Anyway, we came back out. We took the route home. After a while, I noticed my front tire was flat. We were still a long way away from the town. We walked and walked, asking every automobile shop we saw on the way for a pump. None had one. We finally reached a motorcycle tube repair shop, where the nice guy pumped the tire for me. I raced as fast as I could to utilise as much of the air as I could. Of course, it went flat shortly. We walked again till we saw another shop where another guy pumped it. We raced again but soon we saw the cycle store from where I had bought my bike. We went there. They said it had two punctures and one was near the neck, so I had to replace the tube. I did. Finally reached home. Next day I found something wrong when cycling. By evening, my back tire had gone flat. What luck.

Next day I pumped it and went to the store. Told them about this. I also had 2 free services available, because those guys give free services within four months of purchase. I decided I’d service it as a whole. The following day, I went there to take it back, and they informed me that a thorn had gotten stuck in the tube, that’s why the air had remained for so long. They showed me the thorn. It was huge. Anyway, on checking that everything was okay, I went back home.

So yeah that was it. As a whole, it was a stupid vacation because my daily routine was disturbed and everything was so unorganised. And what’s more, I only have two more days in which I have to complete three records and study too. And then school opens and it’s one tedious month till the finals.

Oh on another note, I got the front and rear lights from Amazon which I ordered. The rear light worked out okay, but the front is giving me a lot of trouble. I took out the battery cage to check it out, and placed it back in the case. But now something has happened and I can’t get the battery cage out to insert batteries! Power Beam by Sun Bikes. If anyone has any info, please help!

So bye then.


I went cycling today again. Though I decided I wouldn’t go as far as I did the last time. Firstly, I have an exam tomorrow, and I have to study. Second, I want to recover from the last time. Also, I’ll leave the long road trips for after the exams. Apparently me and my friend sparked an interest in the rest of my classmates’ minds. My friend had posted about our trip on facebook and so everyone got to know. So now some other friends of mine are like “hey let’s go to ____ together. All five, six of us”. They think cycling is… I don’t know what they think.

Anyway, about today’s trip. I wasn’t able to prepare the route map because today we went through uncharted territory. Of course, all those places are there in the map, but we went through many colonies and had many twists and turns. It was fun. Since I chose the destination last time, I let him choose today. However, the plan we were supposed to follow was like this: we were going to do around 10-20 laps around the Fort Maidan, and then do some off-roading in the dusty maidan nearby. Unfortunately, after a lap, we came to know that the laps weren’t going to happen because it wasn’t a perfect circle. There were junctions and we had to cross roads, which can’t be done, especially when the people wake and start going about (it was around 6am then). So we went ahead to the off-roading.

There wasn’t much light so I couldn’t see the roads clearly. I knew it would be some rough terrain, but I didn’t predict what happened. The potholes and stuff were okay and expected. But they weren’t normal potholes. These ones had edges with hard and gutting rocks. So when we went over them we were almost thrown over. Anyway, then I became more cautious. We spent some time there. Then we saw a basketball court in the maidan. We did about 30 laps around it. So in total, if my calculations are correct, we must have done around 3km in the maidan.

Then I handed over to my friend. He took us through many colonies, many winding and turning roads. We had fun. We got out (of the colonies). Went through the highway some time. Then we saw a very good road, which we decided to take.

Now, in this town, this is the only boulevard-ish road I’ve ever seen. It’s very peaceful and cool. We went through it. Came back again. We decided to stop ’cause it was 7. And we returned to our homes.

I’m kinda feeling the effects of these cycling trips I’ve been having. I feel good. Real good.

Anti Bucket List

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.”

Things I never want to do? Places I never want to visit? Books I never want to read? Let’s see…

  • I don’t like classics. I used to read them before. But they always gave me headaches. My genre is more thrilling, criminal, etc etc. So, I don’t know, there may be a few I’ll read (I recently read The Catcher In the Rye) but on the whole, I might try to avoid them.
  • I’ll never ever read the Twilight Saga. I read Twilight three years back. I’ll NEVER read the rest.
  • There is no place I don’t want to visit – except if it’s “places you don’t want to be stranded in”. Otherwise, how can I say I don’t want to visit a particular country? It’ll be fun to see different places.
  • I don’t want to pierce my body. It just irks me out. You know these days you see people with stuff pierced on their lips, tongues, noses, eyelids, and even the privates! However, these are nothing in comparison to the sheer atrocious imbecility of the latest trend : piercing f*ckin teeth!!!





















eyeball piercing














Did you avoid it? Anyway…

  • Discover that there are no aliens.

Meh, that’s all I can think of now.

Foxy Cunning

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Alphabet Soup.”

A – Apple

B – Brown

C – Curls

D – Dog

E – Energetic

F – Fox

G – Gazes

H – His

I – Iridescent

J – Jumps

K – Knows

L – Lazy

M – Monkey

N – Number

O – Over

P – Plucks

Q – Quick

R – Red

S – Sly

T – The

U – Unfortunately

V – Very

W – Whatcha

X – X

Y – You

Z – Zoo

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, and the sly little monkey curls his tail and plucks the red apple. Unfortunately, the fox lands under the monkey, and gazes upward.

The fox sees the energetic monkey jumping from one foot to another, protecting his iridescent apple. The fox knows it’ll be tough to pull off his number.

The fox says, “Hey Mr. X! Whatcha say you trade your apple with my little golden ball right there?”, pointing at the golden lazy dog (who, by this time, was curled into a ball and sleeping away).

The monkey jumps from his tree, running toward the “ball” with heightened energy and chucks the apple to the fox.

The fox says, “The plan worked very well indeed. Thanks Mr.X! And this is why you belong in a zoo!”